Feast of St. Leo the Great

Wis. 6:1-11 | Ps. 82:3-4, 6-7 | Lk. 17:11-19

Wisdom reminds us that each of us has been gifted to live according to God’s Word.  Those who have power and authority have it because they were selected and gifted to do so.  God asks that those with authority live according to His life and be compassionate towards all, the employees as well as the employer.

Jesus is approached by ten lepers who ask to be cured.  It was against the law for lepers to go or be in the presence of people.  Thus the lepers express deep courage to be near Jesus.  Jesus, likewise expressed great courage in allowing them near Him.  Jesus does not immediately respond to their request.  He simply tells them to go and show themselves to the priests.  While on  their way they are cleaned.  One comes back to give thanks.  Jesus praises Him for so doing and wonders where the other nine might be.  

Jesus not only calls us to have courage and faith that we can be healed but also to say “thank you” when our prayers have been answered.  This is not one of the most common virtues today.  Yet gratitude is at the heart of being a disciple.  Take time to be with Jesus.  Ask for what you need and God will grant you your requests.  Give thanks and gratitude when your prayer is answered.

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