Feast of St. Leo the Great, Pope

Phlm. 7-20 | Ps. 146:7-10 | Lk. 17:20-25

The Jewish people were looking for the kingdom of God to be a kingdom that would replace the Roman kingdom.  Jesus tells them and us that the “Kingdom of God is among us.”  God has sent Jesus into the world to bring us to the understanding that the kingdom is not a place but a “way” of life.  Jesus taught us what that way was like.  So we don’t need to look outside of Christ for an understanding of how to live.  There were people in Christ’s time who were pointing out those who would lead others away from Roman rule.  Jesus tells them not to follow them.  There are those today who claim to be the savior of all people and there are those who tell us the end of the world is coming.  Jesus’ words are the same today: “I am the Way, the Truth, the Life.  Follow me.”  Jesus continues to tell us that He must suffer and die.  Likewise, we must take up our cross each day and follow in Christ’s footsteps.

The kingdom is within you.  Do you take time each day to reflect on the life of God within you?  Start to do so today.  Your life will be changed. 

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