Feast of St. Martin of Tours

Readings: Titus 3:1-7 | Ps. 23:1-6 | Lk. 17:11-19

Leprosy was one of the greatest illnesses of Jesus’ time and was still considered a disease that called for isolation up to recent times. Lepers were not to be found near others and were relegated to caves and other such dwellings outside of the city. The ten lepers who approached Jesus were courageous because they disobeyed the law. Jesus, in great compassion, healed them and brought them freedom from being outcasts. However, only one of the ten returned to Jesus to give Him thanks. Certainly, the nine must have been happy; but, somehow, they forgot to show gratitude for their healing. Each of us is in need of healing in some way. God is ever present to bring us that healing. What the Gospel wants us to learn today is that we do not need to be afraid to ask for the healing: physical, spiritual or psychological. The healing may not happen instantaneously; but, when it does happen, we should remember to go back to God and express our gratitude.

We learn to do this by living each day with an attitude of gratitude. Simply getting out of bed is an action for which we should be grateful. Each day, we experience hundreds of gifts for which we should be grateful. Begin today to look at gifts you have received and give thanks to God for each one.

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