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2604, 2022

Familiarity with the Lord

HOMILY OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS ("Familiarity with the Lord") The disciples were fishermen: indeed, Jesus had called them when [...]

Feast of St. Josaphat

Wis. 13:1-9  | Ps. 19:2-5   | Lk. 17:26-37  

The book of Wisdom calls us to see God in our midst.  Nature, in all of its forms, causes us to realize that God had to be the creator of all these wonderful gifts.  Yet, wisdom teaches us that if we can marvel at the Creation of God, how much more we should gather in praise of the Creator who has to be infinitely greater than all of these creations.

The Gospel takes us a step further when Jesus reminds us that we should live every moment with great love and praise for God.  We are called to live justly, lovingly, and compassionately.  Jesus tells us that we must not be like those in Sodom and those in the time of the flood who ignored all the calls of God to be just and holy.  Life is holy right now.  We are called to live in that holiness,  live each moment in grateful praise to the Creator.

Take time out of life today to look at, admire and seep in the beauty of God’s Creation.  Give thanks for that Creation and then reflect on the beauty and greatness of God.  Give thanks to God for everything and everyone.

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