Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mal. 3:19-20 | Ps. 98:5–9 | 2Thes. 3:7-12 | Lk. 21:5-19

The Gospel is quite demanding.  One cannot read or listen to this Gospel and not be called to sit up, take notice and be changed.  Jesus tells us not to be fooled by those who go around and pretend to be the messiah.  We are warned not to be startled by the threat of war.  We must be aware that many evil/bad things will take place before the end of time.  Jesus continues to tell us that we will have to endure temptation, persecution, and imprisonment on His behalf.  Jesus tells us to be faithful, not to fear, not to worry about what to say.  We are called to rely on God to provide all we need and to take care of us when these events take place.   Jesus promises further that we will be given both the Wisdom and the words we need when we are placed in these situations.

How trusting are you?  Do you believe that God will teach you what to say and what to do when you are placed in difficult situations?  How can you practice this trust today?

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