Feast of Sts. Margaret of Scotland and St. Gertrude

2Mc. 6:18-31 | Ps. 3:2-7 | Lk. 19:1-10

Zaccheus, a short man, by climbing a tree, is rewarded abundantly for his efforts to see Jesus.  Zaccheus has a single minded desire and does not allow the obstacle of the crowd to keep him from the goal.  He seizes the moment and climbs a tree.  Jesus rewards him by eating dinner with him.  This is a great act on Jesus’ part.  It was considered a great sin to be in the company of tax collectors and the poor.  To do so was to be labeled a sinner as well.  Jesus’ response is that this is what he came to do.  He tells the Pharisees that this is what it means when He says: “The Son of Man has come to search out and save what was last.”

We are called to realize that Jesus has come to save us and set us free from sin and all things that bind us.  We are also called to have a single minded purpose of being with Christ.  Where is Christ to be found today?  How can you go to search and find Christ in your life?  Do you allow other events, people, things to get in your way to prevent you from seeing Christ?  What can you do to develop your single-mindedness for Christ?

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