Feast of St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Readings: Rev. 3:1-6, 14-22 | Ps. 15:2-5 | Lk. 19:1-10

Today, the Book of Revelations is talking to each of the established churches, in various cities and is calling them to live as they should because they do not know when God will call them home. Jesus is also calling us to live as we should. The Gospel relates the story of Zaccheus, a tax collector, who wants to come to know Jesus. He has already been touched through the power of the Holy Spirit, the desire to know Jesus. Tax collectors were considered great sinners since they were Jews who worked for Rome to obtain the taxes from the people. They were also known to extort money from the people. When the Pharisees hear Jesus inviting himself to Zaccheus’ home, they are shocked. Zaccheus, hearing their complaints, offers to pay back all and to make restitution by giving to the poor. He has already been converted before Jesus comes into his home. Jesus, likewise, touches our hearts to bring us to a new understanding of the Gospel, of love, of service to others. If we listen, we will hear, and if we are open, we will be converted.

Today, spend time with this Gospel about Zaccheus and let your heart be touched by Jesus to come to conversion. Trust Jesus and allow yourself to be healed by Him.

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