Feast of St. Elizabeth of Hungary

2Mc. 7:1-20, 31 | Ps. 17:1, 5–6, 8, 15 | Lk. 19:11-28

Today our readings contrast loyalty to God with loyalty to kings and people.  Macabees tells the story of the seven brothers who considered it more important to remain faithful to all that God asked of them even if that meant loss of life.  The seven brothers all suffered death and their mother witnessed it.  In fact, she encouraged them to remain steadfast.  What great love she had for God that she would be willing to lose all of her sons.  The Gospel speaks of loyalty and also faithful use of all the gifts God has given us.  The king represents Jesus.  Those who reject the king are those who refuse to listen to Jesus’ teaching.  The money represents the gifts God has given us.  We are called to use every gift to the best of our ability to help build the kingdom.  We are not to bury our gifts because of fear.  Jesus tells us that if we do, then we will lose those very gifts.  God is so good that the response of love says that we will use everything we have for the love of God and the spread of God’s kingdom.

How well do you use your gifts?  How many gifts do you have?  Do you use all of them or do you bury some of them?  Develop a plan to use your gifts fully!  Begin to do so today.

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