Feast of Christ the King

2 Sam.5:1-3 | Ps. 122:1-5 | Col. 1:12-20 | Lk. 23:35–43

Today, we celebrate the feast of Christ the King.  The church celebrates this feast day, the last Sunday of the Church year.  Next Sunday is the beginning of the New Church Year.

The first reading reminds us of King David and how he was anointed King.  David is considered to be the greatest King of the Israelite nation.  Paul tells us that we are to give thanks to God who has given us an inheritance which was won for us through a greater King, Jesus.  Paul reminds us that it is Jesus who reconciled us with God through His blood which He shed for us on the Cross.  The Gospel calls us to look more deeply at this mystery of God’s love for us through the retelling of the crucifixion of Christ.  We hear Christ respond to the thief who asks Jesus to remember him when Jesus came into His Kingdom.  “Amen, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.”

It is God’s deep desire that each of us will be with Him in paradise.  Jesus has won that place for us.  We are called to deep gratitude through a positive response of love.  More than this, we are called to hear the above words of Jesus spoken to us today.  Marvel in the contrast of our Christ the King in comparison with other kings!  How will you respond?

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