Feast of St. Cecilia

Rev. 14:14-19 | Ps. 96:10-13 | Lk. 21:5-11

Jesus is speaking to those who place importance on the manner in which the temple is decorated.  Jesus tells us that it is not important how the external temple is decorated.  What is of great importance is how our own temples, our souls, are decorated and ready for the time when God will call us home.  If we have lived with love for God and with care and concern for others, we will not have to worry about the time, place, or manner in which we die or when the end of time will be.  We need to pay attention to the voice of God which constantly calls us out of our selfishness into the love of God.  If we continue to respond to God’s love, it will not matter what others try to tell us or how they attempt to get us excited.  We will listen to God’s voice and will be ready for whatever happens.

During the recent past, we have heard many voices that told us that the end of the world would happen on December 31/ January 1.  But that did not happen.  We have had many days to continue to change and grow.  God wants us to listen to the voice of love and to respond with love in all our interactions with God and people.  How have you done so this year?  How might you improve? 

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