Feast of St. Clement I, Pope

Dn. 2:31-45 | Ps. Dn. 3:57-61 | Lk. 21:5-11

Both Daniel and Luke contain messages which tell of impending doomNebuchadnezzar’s kingdom will be destroyed as will many other nations. Why?  Because of the evil that is being done by the rulers to those who seek only to glorify God.  What is at the heart of it?  Why do these things happen?  Is it because individuals are selfish and choose to act only to advance themselves?  Such selfishness usually comes back to haunt the individual.

Jesus tells us that when people go around telling us that the end is near, we are not to become disturbed?  Many nations will fail and natural disasters will take place but they do not mean the end is near.  Jesus calls us to place our trust in God to take care of us.  

How much do you trust God to see you through all the events of your day?  Do you worry and fret about the little things or do you give them to God to take care of them?  Ask God for the trust you need this day.

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