Feast of St. Catherine of Alexandria

Readings: Rev. 15:1-4 | Ps. 98:1-3, 7-9 | Lk. 21:12-19

Today, Jesus tells us what will be expected if we are to be disciples. We might be persecuted for our belief and trust in God. We might be hated by those who oppose God’s kingdom, and we may have to defend ourselves before those who do so. Jesus tells us not to try to prepare a defense. Rather, the Holy Spirit will guide and direct us in how to respond to the criticism of others. We will probably not suffer out-and-out persecution. However, we do know of recent martyrs such as Oscar Romaro and Jean Donovan. Archbishop Romero was attacked by many leaders, but he did not prepare a response. Rather, he relied on the Holy Spirit to teach him what to say and do. And the Holy Spirit did so. The persecution we might endure would probably be ridicule, etc., by those who do not know God and have not learned God’s love for them. We are expected to rely on God to learn how and when to respond. The Holy Spirit will guide and direct us just as the Holy Spirit directed and guided Christ, the apostles and Oscar Romaro.

Reflect on your trust in God. Do you believe that the Holy Spirit desires to be close to you? Do you believe that the Holy Spirit will guide you through all the difficulties of your life? Spend time with the Holy Spirit and ask for the direction you need.

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