Friday of the Thirty Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

Dn. 7:2-14 | Ps. Dn. 3:75-81  |Lk. 21:29-33

We are two days away from the beginning of the Church Year.  The readings, therefore, remind us about the end times and remaining faithful to God.  Daniel actually portrays the vision of the coming of the Messiah, whom we know to be Jesus.  Jesus is presented to God the Father and is given dominion over all.  The Gospel repeats the signs that will accompany the end time.  We do not know when the “end time” will be. However, we do know that we are coming to the end of the Church year and the beginning of a new year with the celebration of the First Sunday of Advent.  The readings call us to reflection.  How well have you lived out your resolutions for this year?  Do you even remember what those resolutions were?  Can you find a way to see where or how you have grown in your relationship to Christ?

Take time to consider the above.  Where might God be calling you to growth and change?  What will you do during Advent to begin that journey?

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