Feast of St. Andrew, Apostle

Readings: Rom. 10:9-18 | Ps. 19:2-5 | Mt. 4:18-22

Today is the feast of St. Andrew. The Gospel tells the story of Jesus calling the first four apostles to follow him. Andrew, Peter’s brother, was a fisherman. Jesus invites both of them to leave their profession of fishing and begin to fish for people. They had been around Jesus for a short period of time and grew to love and trust Him. When they were called, they were able to let everything else go and follow. They knew something about Jesus, but they were only neophytes on the journey; so, there was much for them to learn. Paul also talks about trust and the call to confess Jesus as Lord. He tells us that those who believe will never be put to shame. The remaining part of Paul’s letter to the Romans tells us what being called is all about. It is about spreading the Word of God to everyone we meet; to be the voice that brings the Word of God to others. That is the commission that Jesus gave the apostles; and it is likewise the commission that each of us has.

Consider your call to be a follower of Christ. Have you responded positively to Him? Have you preached the Good News to others by being a loving, caring, gentle human being? How can you respond to Jesus’ call today?

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