Thursday of the Thirty First Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: Phil 3:3-8a | Ps. 105:2-7 | Lk. 15:1-10

Paul, who was the greatest persecutor of the Christians, has been converted and is now totally caught up in his love of God. Paul is willing to consider everything as rubbish when it is brought into the light of God. Nothing holds as much importance for him as God. Jesus tells us that this is what God looks for. When one sheep goes astray, Jesus is out in hot pursuit of that one. When one coin is lost, the owner sweeps and sweeps until it is found. How much more does God love us! God is always in pursuit of us and will sacrifice all for us.

Consider the love of God for you. Relish that love and remember how important you are to God. Love as Paul did recognizing that all else is rubbish.

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