Saturday of the Thirty First Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: Phil. 4:10-19 | Ps. 112:1-2, 5-6, 8-9 | Lk. 16:9-15

Jesus continues His talk about being wise and tells us to learn from the actions of this dishonest man, that is, to store up treasure that will enable us to get to heaven. That treasure is of course the performing of good deeds, keeping the laws, loving all, and utilizing the goods of this earth wisely. We are also told that if we are trustworthy and respectful of small things, then we will be trustworthy over greater things. It is similar to teaching someone how to do certain jobs. We know that when a person has handled the smaller tasks with care, concern, and responsibility, we will then be able to introduce them to more difficult tasks and so on. Thus it is that Christ is trying to tell us to be responsible with all that is placed in our care. When we do so, we store up treasure for heaven. Paul is telling the Philippians the same thing. He is grateful for all the ways they have helped him out in the past. He assures them that he knows how to deal with poverty and hunger as well as having food and money. Yet he is grateful for their help in his time of need.

Most of us are responsible with our possessions. How responsible are we with our spiritual gifts? Do you take time to pray? Do you spend time with your family in prayer? Stop and look at this part of your life. Is there some area that needs some attention? What steps will you take today to provide for your spiritual wellbeing?

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