Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

1Kgs. 17:10-16 | Ps. 146:7-10 | Heb. 9:24-28 | Mk. 12:38-44

Would you consider a person who gives two pennies to the church collection as generous?  What do you consider a generous sharing of your goods?  Perhaps the first question is: what is yours?  Most of us consider our pay, homes, machinery, etc. ours.  What God wants us to know and remember is that everything belongs to God.  All that we have is gift.  That is the beginning point for today’s scriptures.  We have been gifted with many different items, and we are called to realize that they all come to us through the generosity of God.  When we grasp this idea, we don’t have to worry about what we give to church, to others, to charitable tasks, volunteer time etc.  That is because we have put it all in right order.  The widow of Zaraphath understood that and trusted.  She took care of her guest first, and God provided for her and her son.  The widow in the Gospel understands that when she put her last two pennies into the church collection.  Jesus understood that when He gave His very life up for us through His death on the cross.  

Take time to thank God for all your gifts: your job, your family, your possessions, your children, your parents, your money.  Ask God to give you a grateful heart and to teach you to utilize all your gifts for His honor and glory.  Ask God to teach you how to give generously of your time, your money, your gifts.  Decide exactly what you will do today.  Check up on yourself at the end of each day.

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