Monday of the Thirty Second Week in Ordinary Time

Titus 1:1-9 |Ps. 24:1-6 | Lk. 17:1-6

Jesus reminds us that we are to set good examples for others and not to be the occasion of sin for them or give bad examples.  Jesus wants us to be especially careful when dealing with children not to give them any example that is scandalous.  We know that children have a wonderful capacity for observation and frequently give us an instant replay of our actions.  Sometimes we forget when children are around; and, when they repeat our words or actions, we are taken off guard and remember that we should have set a better example.  Jesus gives us almost an ultimatum that we had better be careful of our words and actions around children.  Perhaps, we should always act with the thought that we should be careful about our words and actions because children are around us most of the time.  Perhaps, too, it would be best to consider our motives for doing things.  Do we love God?  If so, we would act properly no matter who is around us.

Remind yourself of times when you were caught off guard when a child repeated your words or actions.  What do you need to change so that you won’t be in this position again?  Take time to consider what actions embarrass you.  What can you do to change?  Consider your love for God.  What can you do to increase your love for God?  Take time to begin today.

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