Monday of the Twenty-Eighth Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: Gal. 4:22-24, 26-27, 31-5:1 | Ps. 113:1-7 | Lk. 11:29-32

We are called to recognize Christ in everything we do. Jesus teaches the people that He is the Messiah. Everything he does, everything He speaks, speaks about God’s unending love for us. The Jews do not want to see beyond the person of Jesus or observe beyond His actions. Therefore, they miss the divine action in all that Jesus does. They refute his words, take exception to His good deeds, and find every way possible to condemn Him. Thus, in exasperation, Jesus tells them that they will not be given any further aids or signs. He also reminds them of others who listened to God’s Word and were converted. Jesus is calling us to recognize His work in our lives each day. We are all very busy, so we tend to miss Christ’s Word due to our ‘busyness.’ It doesn’t matter what prevents us from hearing Christ’s Word for Conversion, we will be held responsible nevertheless.

Take time to reflect on Christ’s words and deeds. Let Christ touch your heart and soul and lead you to Himself. Allow yourself to be converted. Go out to others and bring them the Good News.

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