Tuesday of the Twenty Eighth Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: Gal. 5:1-6 | Ps. 119:41-43, 45, 47-48 | Lk. 11:37-41

Jesus is invited to eat at one of the Pharisee’s home and is criticized for not washing before dinner. Jesus is disturbed because the Pharisee is judging by external principles instead of internal ones. Jesus tries to tell us that what is on the outside does not tell us what is on the inside of a person. When we judge people by externals, we miss the internals and therefore miss the most important aspect of a person. Paul is also trying to convince the Galatians that slavery to a law written long ago leads one to lack of freedom. Laws were written for the person not vice versa.

What degree of freedom do you possess? Do you judge people by what they wear, how they speak? Do you dismiss those who are different? Do you insist that everyone follow the rules to the extreme? Take time to ask God for the gift of freedom so that you will be the person you were created to be. Take time to reflect on what holds importance in your life. Is it your money, your status, your relationships, God? Ask God to help you to put God first and all other things second.

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