Thursday of the Twenty Eight Week in Ordinary Time

Eph. 1:1-10 | Ps. 98:1-4. 6 | Lk. 11:47-54

Paul is inviting the Ephesians to realize that God has blessed them with the abundance of blessings in Christ Jesus, our Lord. Paul is a convert and his message is that God loves each person fully, and wants each person to remain in the love of God and realize that He will always call upon us to walk the path with Paul and all the other disciples who keep the Word of the Lord.

Jesus is annoyed at the people who seek ways to excuse themselves from the events of the day.  He calls them blind guides. It seems that no one is excused from the tasks of loving God and responding with care and concern.  We, too, sometimes make excuses for making life difficult.  

How are you called to be concerned for your neighbor?  God invites us to give our best to others.

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