Feast of St. Callistus I, Pope

Rom. 3:21-30 | Ps. 130:1-6 | Lk. 11:47-54

The “law” is the topic of today.  Are we called to know the law, to obey it?  We would respond heartily: “yes.”  We pursue those who break the law and we mete out justice to them.  How upset are we when someone breaks the law and gets away with it?

It seems as if those who were upset in the scriptures were the ones who came after Jesus, time and time againThe Scribes seemed to be scrupulous observers of the law by the way they scrutinized every detail of Christ’s life. They were so caught up with keeping the “letter of the Law” that they missed seeing who Jesus really was.  Paul seems to reiterate this message and encourages people to live their lives out of a stance of love.

If you were put on trial for “judgment” how would people in the jury judge you?  Are you one who lives solely for the keeping of the law or do your live and act out of “ love” for God and others?  Where do you need to improve?

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