Feast of St. Teresa of Jesus, Virgin

Rom. 4:1-8 | Ps. 32:1-2, 5, 11 | Lk. 12:1-7

Paul reminds us that we are made just through Jesus and in our following of Him.  It is our faith that will bring us forgiveness.  Jesus tells us further that we are so known and so important to God that God has counted the very hairs of our head.  Jesus tells us not to be fearful of those who can kill the body.  He reminds us that sparrows are sold for a few pennies but we are worth so much more to God.  St. Alphonsus tells us “God is crazy, out of love for us.”  We are called to respond and simply accept God’s love.  We do not need to prove ourselves worthy.

Pause today, to reflect on this Gospel.  Hear God’s Word of love being spoken to you.  Accept that love of God for you as you are today, right now.  Let God’s love penetrate you deeply.  Be with God’s love.

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