Feast of St. Teresa of Jesus

Eph. 1:15-23 | Ps. 8:2-3, 4-7 | Lk. 12:8-12

Jesus continues His talk to the Pharisees.  They have one task in mind.  Jesus is a trouble maker and a rebel rouser and is leading people away from their way of life.  Therefore they must do away with Jesus.  They must do this regardless of His innocence or the good of His deeds.  This is a desperation point.  Jesus must be done away with.  The Pharisees are so desperate they must have someone watching His every deed and word.  Thus, Jesus tells them that they are not on the side of God and have played a part in the demise of the Kingdom.  He tries to warn them and draw them to conversion.  Our hearts must be supple in order to be able to receive God’s word.  When we are stubborn, hard-hearted, etc., God’s Word will never be able to be received.  Paul is trying to teach this same message to the Ephesians by showing them that everything and everyone is a great gift of God.  As such, we are called to give honor and praise to God for everything.

Do you live life out of an attitude of gratitude or an attitude of owning?  How happy are you?  Are you spending your time bringing people to Christ or rejecting people because of a negative attitude?  Bring all to Christ through love and joy.

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