Twenty Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Ex. 17:8-13 | Ps. 121:1-8 | 2 Tm 3:14-4:2 | Lk. 18:1-8

Jesus teaches us that we should be careful not to be hypocrites, that is, people who say one thing and do another.  Jesus also tells us that we should be concerned about our relationship with God and not worry about those who threaten us.  These people will not be able to take eternal life from us.  If we remain faithful, God will bring us into the kingdom.  Jesus assures us that we are more important to God than the sparrows who are sold five for two pennies and yet are not forgotten by God.   If these sparrows are so important to God, then we will not be forgotten.   Jesus is trying to tell us to join the group of people who listen to His Words, are sincere, and give thanks for the ways in which God intervenes in our lives to bring us to eternal happiness.  Paul reminds us that we have been marked by the Holy Spirit as members of Christ’s body.  As such, we are called to live a life worthy of that Spirit and out of a desire to bring glory and praise to God.

What is your relationship to God?   Do you realize how important you are to God?  Are you willing to put God first in your life?  Are you willing to say and do the work of God?   Ask God to enable you to feel God’s deep love for you.  Be ready to receive that love.

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