Feast of St. Paul of the Cross

Rom 6:12-18 | Ps 124:1-8 | Lk 12:39-48

The Gospel continues yesterday’s theme of being ready to meet God.  Jesus tells us that those who have been given much will be expected to give much in return.  Those who have been given less will be expected to give accordingly.  Paul tells us that we have been freed from sin through the grace of Jesus Christ.  He reminds us to live out of that grace and that freedom rather than out of slavery to sin.  What he tells us is to believe fully in God’s love for us; in God’s redemption through Jesus Christ.  If we fully believe in this then we will be convicted to live each minute out of our love for God.  We will not deliberately say or do anything that will cause harm to anyone or anything.  How does this happen?  We do it through acceptance of God’s love and allowing God’s Holy Spirit to guide and direct each moment of our lives.

Stop for a few minutes to consider God’s great love for you.  Ask God to help you to be fully open and accepting of God’s love for you.  Respond with love.

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