Wednesday of the Twenty Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: Eph. 3:2-12 | Ps. Is. 12:2-6 | Lk. 12:39-48

Jesus continues to call us to be awake, be vigilant, be enthusiastic, be grateful stewards of all that has been given to us. We have been called to be stewards of all of creation, of our gifts, of our families, of our inheritance. Our inheritance consists of all the gifts we have received as Catholics, as people of God, and as Americans. We did nothing to earn what we have. We should be grateful for these gifts and treasures and show that gratitude by taking care of these gifts. If we do our best to take care of all our gifts each day then we will be ready to answer God on the day that we die. Jesus promises us that we will be rewarded for our faithfulness. Paul continues to remind us of the great gift of Jesus to us and that it is in our faithfulness to Christ that we will be brought into the communion of saints with Christ and all the apostles.

How do you take care of the gifts you have been given? How willing are you to tend and nurture these gifts? Look at your pattern and history of taking care of your gifts? Do you need to change?

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