Feast of St. John Paul II

Rm. 7:18-25a | Ps 119:60, 68, 76-77, 93-94 | Lk 12:54-59

Jesus reminds us that we know how to tell when it is going to rain, how the wind is blowing etc., but we don’t seem to be able to explain the way God loves.  Jesus tells us there are many signs in our lives but we do not make use of them to learn the way that God works. We can learn how God works in our lives.  In order to do so we must begin to be attentive to each event and each action.  We can compare the manner in which these events occur with those that came before.  After we do so for a while, we will begin to see a pattern and know that this pattern is generally followed by another and we can be quite sure that this same pattern will take place in the future.  Practice enables us to do so more quickly each time.  Paul gives us some clues to discerning how events affect our lives and how we listen and follow or how we give into other movements of our lives.  God leads us faithfully.  We need but listen and follow.

How carefully do you study the weather patterns etc.?  When did you last listen to God’s promptings?  Allow yourself to spend some quiet time with God each day.  Pay attention to God’s promptings and become aware of God’s patterns of action in your life.

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