Feast of St. John of Capistrano

Rm. 8:1-11 | Ps 24:1-6 | Lk. 13:1-9

The Gospel speaks about living with the Spirit and allowing that Spirit to guide us.  When we do, we bear fruit.  When we do not live with the Spirit we are unable to bear fruit.  Jesus wants us to be fruitful and will do all that He can to help us do so.  We will need to be pruned and will be given tender loving care in order to do so.  Jesus will see our needs and come to our aid just as he did for the woman who has been sick for years.  Because the woman has been open, Jesus is able to change her and heal her.  Paul likewise tells us that if we live with the Holy Spirit then we will be free in the Holy Spirit and live with peace, joy, and happiness.

As the day begins reflect on your life.   In what or how do you allow the Holy Spirit to guide you and help you live in God’s love?  Stop for a few minutes to give thanks to God for all the ways God directs you.

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