Wednesday of the Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time

Eph. 6:1-9 | Ps. 145:10-14 | Lk. 13:22-30

Paul calls us to be imitators of Christ who was love itself.  We see this love put into action in the Gospel when Christ cures the woman who was bent over for eighteen years.  How difficult it must have been to be so for so long!  Christ sees this woman and his compassion goes out to her and heals her.  The Pharisees once again are looking for something to use against Jesus and so they argue that he is doing work on the Sabbath.  Once again Jesus criticizes them because they are more concerned about a law than they are about bringing healing to someone.  They have missed the boat and have lost sight of God’s love and thus miss the good deed they should do.  Love is beyond all law.  Christ calls us to love and to be compassionate towards all in need.

How do you respond to people in need?   Do you help regardless of day or time?  Are you too busy to see people who are in need?  Ask God for the grace to help all who come into your life and are lonely, sad, abused, starving, etc.

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