Tuesday of the Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: Eph. 5:21-33 | Ps. 128:1-5 | Lk. 13:18-217

Jesus is talking about the kingdom of God. He compares it to a mustard seed and to yeast. Both increase and multiply. The kingdom of God is in our midst. We are asked to be like the mustard seed and help the kingdom grow until it is tall and strong for all to rest in it. Likewise we are called to be like yeast so that the kingdom will grow and increase, to be open for all to receive God’s graces. The kingdom of God is spread through our living the life of Christ. It is spread and multiplied by our good deeds, actions, words. When we bring the Word of God to others through these words and actions, others will be touched and they in turn will touch others. Thus the Kingdom of God spreads.

Take time to consider how you spread the Kingdom of God. Do you allow that Kingdom to grow within you by spending time with the scriptures? Do you try to put the message of the scriptures into action when you interact with others? How might God be calling you to bring His Word to others today? Will you do so?

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