Thirty First SundayWis.11- in Ordinary Time

Wis.11:22-12:2 | Ps. 145:1-2,8-11,13-14 | 2 Thes,1:11-2:2 | Lk. 19:1-10

Jesus is once again being scrutinized by the Pharisees.  A man has dropsy and Jesus heals him.  He is not concerned about what the Pharisees think, because Jesus has come to know what is important in life.  It is far more important to come to the aid of someone than it is to carry out the letter of the law.   When we become wrapped up in carrying out the letter of the law exactly with no regard for the cost upon human beings, then we have lost sight of God’s great commandment of love.  People are much more important than laws.  It is the motivation behind what we do that enables us to know what is more important–love and concern for others or carrying out the letter of the law.  Paul knows this; and, his prayer for the Philippians is that their love may overflow more and more with knowledge and full insight to help them determine what is best and come to the harvest of righteousness in Christ Jesus.

We can choose to do things for others or for the fulfillment of a law.  We can choose to act out of love or hate.  We can choose to care and be concerned or distance ourselves from others.  Christ came to teach us how to love.  What do you choose in daily life?  Do you act out of love for others or self-concern?  Do you extend yourself in service for others or for yourself only?  Where might Christ be calling you to grow in love?  What will you do today to do so?

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