Feast of St. Bruno and Blessed Marie Rose Durocher

Gal. 3:1-5 | Lk. 1:69-75 | Lk. 11:5-13

Paul is assuring the Galatians that he was made an apostle under the direct intervention and power of Jesus Christ.  Paul’s conversion was as complete and total as was his zeal to persecute the Christians prior to his conversion.  Jesus tells the story of the man who has some guests to his home after the sun has set.  The friend begs his help even though it seems that he could not care.  As a result, the friend does get out of bed, not because he is a friend, but because he sees the need of the friend and is trying to get some rest.  By continually asking for help, the friend gives in and helps him out.

Take time today to ask God for the grace you need.  Present your request to Jesus.  Be patient, and be kind.  God will reward you.

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