Friday of the Twenty Seventh Week of Ordinary Time

Joel 1:13-15, 2:1-2 | Ps. 9: 2-3, 6, 8-9, 16 | Lk. 11:15-26

Joel is reprimanding the people for their actions.  Jesus is being reprimanded for healing.  The leaders of the Jews do not want to give credit to Jesus for doing good.  If they do so, they acknowledge that He is someone who has been blessed by God and should be listened to.  They would also lose the attention of the people.  So they take a good deed and turn it around to use it against Jesus.  They accuse Him of healing through the power of the devil.  Jesus is able to use His skills to turn the situation around so that His accusers now have to defend themselves.  Jesus continues to teach about what happens to a person who has been possessed by an evil spirit and cleansed but is then attacked again.

Most of us can think of times when we didn’t accept people because they were getting more attention than we, etc.  We can also think of times when we tried to overcome a bad habit, etc.

Then having left our guard down we fall into that bad habit again, e.g., smoking, swearing, etc.  The second time it becomes harder to get rid of the bad habit.  This is what the readings refer to. 

We are called to rely on God to heal us and then to sustain us afterward.  It is by the power of God that we will be able to remain free.

Take time to reflect on this Gospel.  Ask Christ for all the gifts you need to overcome difficulties.  Ask Christ to gift you with perseverance. 

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