Saturday of the Twenty Seventh Week of Ordinary Time

Jl. 4:12-21 | Ps. 97:1-2, 5-6, 11-12 | Lk. 11:27-28

Hearing the word of God is the first step to holiness and the second, just as important, is that of keeping the Word.  Joel tells the people that they know what God has desired for them but they have not kept that Word.  As a result their lands have been taken and they have suffered.  Yet God, out of the depth of God’s goodness, promises once again, that the Israelites will be saved.  The easiest formula is to do what God has suggested.

This is the message of this small passage from Luke.  When Jesus hears praise coming his way he turns the statement around so others will know that it means to be blessed.  For Jesus blessedness comes from keeping the Word of God, that is, listening to the Word spoken to us and then acting on that Word so that God’s Gospel will be heard and carried out wherever we go.

Two small Gospel verses carry such a large message.  How well do you do?  Reflect to see what areas of your life do not reflect the Gospel.  Where will you change?  How?

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