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2604, 2022

Familiarity with the Lord

HOMILY OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS ("Familiarity with the Lord") The disciples were fishermen: indeed, Jesus had called them when [...]

Monday of the Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings: Gn. 4:1-15, 25 | Ps. 50:1, 8, 16bc-17, 20-21 | Mk. 8:11-13

Genesis relates the story of Cain and Abel offering sacrifices to God. Cain gave an offering of some food but Abel gave one of the best from his flock. As a result, God is pleased with Abel’s sacrifice. Cain became jealous; and, in his anger, killed Abel. God banishes Cain and promises that he will not yield successful crops in the future. The Pharisees try to get Jesus to give them a sign that would prove that Jesus was doing the good deeds from/under God’s approval. Jesus refuses to do so. We sometimes fall into the category of Cain and/or the category of the Pharisees. What makes the difference is not a sign. What makes the difference is our belief, and trust in God and our single-mindedness that enables us to have one view point, i.e., God’s and one’s desire to put all of our trust and contentment in God.

Ask Jesus to give you a pure heart and work towards the acceptance of God’s life and love in us and not for proof of signs.

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