Wednesday of the Twenty Second Week of Ordinary Time

Col. 1:1-8 | Ps. 52:10-11 | Lk. 4:38-44

Paul is giving thanks to God for the Colossians who have heard the Word of God and responded.  Their lives have given evidence of that grace from God.  Jesus touches Peter’s mother-in-law and heals her.  People come to Him in droves to be healed and they are those who are open, hear the Word, are healed, and made new.  The people want Jesus to remain with them; but, Jesus responds that there are others in need and He must move on in order to bring them this Word of God.

Once again, we are called to openness, humility, and freedom.  Jesus will be able to touch our lives if we are open and realize that we are in need.  We must be free to allow Jesus to transform us.  We are also called to be free to let Jesus enter into other people’s lives through the witness of our own lives.

Take time to ask Jesus to help you to be humble enough to admit your need for Him.  Be open, be grateful.  Be witnesses to Him.

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