Feast of St. John Chryysostom

1Tim. 2:1-8 | Ps. 28:2, 7-9 | Lk. 7:1-10

 The author of our first reading entreats Timothy to pray.  He encourages him to pray for others and their needs. The Gospel tells the story of the Centurion who sends servants to ask Jesus to heal his servant.  When Jesus is on His way to his home, the Centurion sends the servants out to tell Jesus that he is unworthy to have Him enter his home.  He tells Jesus just to say the Word and his servant will be healed.  Jesus’ response is that he has not seen such faith in all Israel.  Faith is a necessary ingredient of prayer.  A second ingredient is trust.  A third is freedom or surrender.  When we pray, each of these go into operation.  God will heal but we must believe and trust that the healing will come at a time and in a manner that is best, even if it is not exactly as we hoped.

How do you pray?  How believing are you?  How trusting are you?  Ask for the grace to grow in these virtues.  Give your concerns to God.

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