Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

1Tim. 3:14-16 | Ps. 111:1-6 | Lk. 2:33-35

 Paul is teaching the people the qualities that are needed by those who are to be in service/ministry to others.  One must be good, upright and loving, thus giving good example to the people one serves.  Jesus was certainly an excellent example.  The Gospel gives us an outstanding accounting of Jesus’ love and compassion for people.  The Widow of Naim had no one to take care of her as her only son is being carried to his grave.  Jesus knows the suffering endured by widows and comes to her aid by raising the man to life.  We are called to be attentive to the needs of people around us in the same way that Jesus was.  Perhaps, the task will be as simple as helping someone cross the street.  This is what Jesus calls us to do.

Think of your life.  How aware are you of the needs of others?  Do you help others or do you close your eyes and walk away?  Where or how might God be calling you to help others?

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