Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

1Cor. 15:1-11 | Ps. 118:1b-2, 16ab-17, 28 | Jn. 19:25-27

Paul teaches us that we are called to be faithful to the Gospel and to bring the Good News of the Resurrected Christ to all.  This Gospel shows us the depth of Jesus’ love for us in our daily endeavors.  Jesus invites us to realize that we are forgiven and should extend that same forgiveness to others.  This spirit is cultivated and cannot exist side by side with criticism.

Take time to recall all the ways in which God has forgiven you.  Give thanks for these moments.  Reflect to see if there is anyone you are called to forgive.  Ask for the grace to do so.  Remember that each time kindness is extended towards others, it will also be extended to you.

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