Feast of St. Robert Bellarmine

1Tim. 4:12-16 | Ps. 111:7-10 | Lk. 7:36-50

 Once again we see Jesus being criticized for His association with sinners.  Jesus tells us and Simon that those who have loved greatly and show great sorrow for sins will be forgiven.  Those who do not love and show little or no sorrow will not receive the same forgiveness.   God is concerned about our sorrow for our sins.  When we become aware that we have sinned, repent, express sorrow for those sins, God heals us.  When we refuse to accept our sinfulness, do not accept responsibility for what we have done, and do not express our sorrow, then God is not able to heal us.  The first step to forgiveness is admission of our sorrow.

Simon gives us an example of an unwillingness to admit the possibility of being a sinner.   God will not leave us alone.  However, we need to respond to God’s call to accept forgiveness.  Ask  God to help you to admit your sinfulness and to heal you.

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