Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Am. 8:4-7  | Ps. 113:1-2, 4-8 | 1Tim. 2:1-8 | Lk. 16:1-13

Jesus tells the story of the steward who has not been honest.  When he is about to lose this position, the steward makes friends by being more dishonest.   Jesus tells us that the person who cannot be trusted with small things cannot be trusted with larger jobs, and vice versa.  All of us have had friends, co-workers, family members whom we have trusted with small tasksWhen they complete the task faithfully, we reward them and ask them to do bigger and better jobs later on.

Jesus has entrusted us with gifts and graces of the Kingdom at our Baptism.  When we respond to carrying out those tasks and deeds with great care, we are rewarded in abundance.  We know love, joy and peace in abundance.  Take time to see how well you have responded to your Baptismal call.  Where can you give more attention?  Make a plan to do so today.

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