Twenty Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Wis. 2:12, 17-20 | Ps. 54:3-4, 5-8 | Jas. 3:16-4:3 |  Mk. 9:30-37

We have heard these scriptures over and over again.  Sometimes we dismiss them simply because of that fact.  We are invited today to do something more.  The Book of Wisdom and the first part of the Gospel are reminding us of the mission of Jesus.  He came to heal us from sin.  In doing so, Jesus knew what the Romans did to people so he knew the manner in which he would die.  The apostles’ response is typical.  We do not want to suffer; and, so, we walk away or ignore anything that involves suffering.  Mark also relates the fact that the apostles were arguing about who would be the greatest.  They did not quite understand what “the kingdom” was or meant but they wanted to be first.  Isn’t that also typical?  We want to be at the forefront and to be noticed.  This passage gives us an opportunity to learn what Christ felt concerning this.  Jesus tells us that our places in the kingdom will be determined by the manner in which we treat others.  We must be willing to be like “a child,” that is to be open through the openness of a child.  If we are not open, we will not hear the word and we will not be able to be supple, to be changed.

Today, take time to look at your life.  How open are you?  Do you respond readily to God’s words or are you stubborn and unwilling to change?  Ask for the grace to hear His Word and to be open to living as He calls you to live.

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