Feast of St. Januarius

Prv. 3: 27-34 | Ps. 15:2-4b | Lk. 8: 16-18

More than likely there is nothing contained in this proverb that you haven’t heard before.  Looking for the good and the best in another is important in our world today.  Jesus is telling us the same.  Be good to others and others will be good to you.  Don’t delay responding to the needs of others. Be a person who lives not for yourself alone but for others.  We certainly have many needs in our world today and the number of needy people seems to double.

Take time today to reflect on how you respond to those who come to you in time of need.  How can you improve your love for your neighbor?  God is with us and will help us in our times of need.  

Pray for those in need and act accordingly.

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