Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings: Is. 55:6-9 | Ps. 145: 2-3, 8-9, 17-18 | Phil. 1:20c-24, 27a | Mt. 20:1-16

Isaiah invites us to realize that God’s ways are not our ways. This is seen clearly in the parable which tells about the owner of the vineyard paying his workers. Truly, if we heard about someone behaving in a similar fashion today, most of us would consider the man crazy; or, we would be calling our union representative about unfair labor practices. Yet we should all be grateful that God has a different modus operandi. When we slack off in living our Christian life and obligations, we would be most happy if God would not hold that against us and would instead be generous with compassion and grant us salvation.

Contemplate the great compassion and love of God for you. Express your gratitude both in word and deed by going out in love for others.

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