Feast of St. Matthew

Eph. 4:1-7, 11-13 | Ps. 19:2-5 |Mt. 9:9-13

Paul is inviting us to live a life worthy of our calling.  All of us are called to live the life of Christ each day of our lives.  Jesus calls one of his disciples, Matthew.   Matthew’s call is also a call to live the life of Christ.  What’s so strange about this call of Matthew?  Matthew was a tax collector.  To the Jews, tax collectors were the greatest of sinners because they worked for the Romans and also they often collected unjust taxes.  Thus the Jews criticized Jesus for being in the company of such people.  Jesus tells us that all of us are invited to the kingdom and to the table with him.  Jesus does not single out people and decide that they are not worthy of being called.  None of us are worthy.  Jesus’ love is all inclusive and all of us, sinners that we are, are called.  Having been called, we are asked to act as Jesus did and invite others.  We cannot place a judgment on who should be called.  Each person is worthy of the call and we must invite them.

Spend time with Jesus and Matthew.  Get in touch with the love that Jesus has for you.  Let that love touch you deeply.  Remember that love is a free gift.  Bring that gift of love to all who come into your life.  Do not judge whether they are worthy or not. 

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