Feast of St. Pius of Pietrelcina

Hg. 1:1-8 | Ps. 149:1-6, 9 | Lk. 9:7-9

Yahweh tells the people through the prophet Haggai that they have produced but have not seen the harvest.  It is time for them to rebuild the house of God and to make it a place worthy for God.

Herod is confused.  The people are buzzing with all the great things that God has done for them through Jesus.  Herod cannot figure it out because he knows that he beheaded John.  He is curious to see who this new leader is.  Despite Herod’s curiosity, he never goes out to do so. God places this gift of curiosity within us so that we will seek and search and find God in our daily lives.  God does not leave us alone.  God is present in the small ordinary events of our lives as well as other times.

When curiosity concerning God and the ways of God comes to you, respond by looking further into the manner of God’s work.  Allow these events to touch you and eventually to bring you closer to God.

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