Feast of St. Pius of Pietrelcina

Eccl 3:1-11 |Ps. 144:1-4 | Luke 9:18-22

Ecclesiastes is a beautiful poem which invites us to remember that our lives are filled with God’s gifts and blessings.  We receive them at appropriate times in our lives.  Jesus asks his disciples who people think He is.  It is time that the disciples begin to think about who He is for themselves.  Jesus likewise invites each of us to answer the question: “ Who do you say I am?” This is an important question for us to answer.  What is our image of Jesus?  What do we believe Jesus is capable of doing for us, etc.?  At the right time each of us will be asked this same question.

Pause to respond.  How will you be able to answer the question when others ask you who Christ is for you?  Remember, Christ is always ready to receive us into His heart.  Allow yourself enough time to come to know Christ.

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