Thursday of the Twenty Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings: Eccl. 1:2-11 | Ps. 90:3-6, 12-14, 17 | Lk. 9:7-9

The Gospel tells us how Herod is curious as to who Jesus is. Herod knows that he beheaded John. But this man rouses his attention as John did. The sad fact is that he did not allow his curiosity to be roused to the point to be led to conversion. Ecclesiates seems to remind us of Jesus’ words from yesterday’s Gospel. What does it mean to have gained fame, fortune, etc.? All of these things fade away with the passing of time and all the fame in the world will not endure. Herod did not understand that. Do we understand it today? Is this the message we receive through the TV, radio, newspapers, billboards, etc.?

Look around your home. What does it tell you about what is important in your life? Which of these items will last? What changes might God be calling you to make today? Listen to the voice of God?

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