Friday of the Twenty Fifth Week in Ordinary Time

Hg.  2:1-9 | Ps. 43:1-4 | Lk. 9:18-22

Jesus is preparing the apostles for the future.  He quizzes them about who people say He is.  They respond with: “Elijah, one of the Prophets, John the Baptist.”   Jesus asks further: “Who do you say I am?”  Peter without hesitation responds: “You are the Messiah of God.”  Jesus tells them not to tell anyone else that this is the case.  He further prepares them for His death by telling them that He will be rejected by the leaders and suffer greatly.

Each of us is asked to respond to the question from Jesus: “Who do you say I am?  We must come to personally identify who Jesus is for us.  Our image of Jesus will change as we change.  Yet we must have a way of identifying who Jesus is for us.  Without coming to a description, we will be unable to have a personal relationship with Jesus.  Take time to consider who Jesus is for you.  Be sure to be able to come up with a description.

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